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The Deloitte Malta Impact and Transparency Report 2016 - 2017 | Stories about impact

Deloitte Digital                                 out to competitors who do. The launch of
Deloitte clients are operating in a more         Deloitte Digital in Malta is a confirmation of
globally connected way than ever before,         the importance our firm places on digital
and are increasingly turning to us not only      strategy and transformation. The firm
for advice, but also for digital and physical    envisages major opportunities for Deloitte
products to address their needs. This year,      Digital in Malta and beyond, as clients look
Deloitte signed global alliances with two        to us for guidance on how to counter the
world leaders in the digital and technology      disruptive forces that are challenging their
space: Apple and McLaren Applied                 business – digital business is now “top of
Technologies, adding to its prestigious          the agenda”.
alliances with internationally recognised
digital product and service providers such       Deloitte Digital is recognised worldwide
as SAP® and creative digital agency, Heat.       as an innovative leader that can support
                                                 organisations across the digital life cycle
In January 2016, Deloitte Malta launched         – from working to define a bold digital
Deloitte Digital - the accredited                strategy to designing and building online
brand of the wider Deloitte network              and mobile presence using agile methods
of member firms which combines                   that move quickly from digital concept to
Deloitte’s globally recognised strength in       digital reality, innovative mobile, web, and
business transformation and technology           social solutions to increase the impact
implementation with the capabilities             of digital for its people and its clients. Its
of a world class digital agency. Digital is      focus is on the areas of digital strategy,
enabling business transformation at an           mobile, social/web, content management,
unprecedented rate - impacting business          and managed services. Underpinned
models and redefining the way companies          by digital tech architecture, application
interact and engage with clients, while also     implementation, and development
becoming an intrinsic and essential part         expertise, the approach of Deloitte Digital’s
of their service offering. There is no doubt     work is with great energy and passion as it
that those companies that do not leverage        aligns the client’s business aspirations with
digital to their advantage will ultimately lose  current and future technologies.

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