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The Deloitte Malta Impact and Transparency Report 2016 - 2017 | Executive message

Executive message
An introduction by the
Chief Executive Officer

It is indeed with pleasure that I       Our organisation’s Purpose is “to
introduce you to The Deloitte Malta     make an impact that matters: for
Impact and Transparency Report          our clients, our people, and society.
2016 - 2017.                            In each case delivering a measurable
                                        attributable impact.
Deloitte Malta has changed its
reporting date to 31 May in order       As our clients continue to navigate the
to align its accounting period with     challenges that present themselves in this
the Deloitte global network, made       time of unprecedented disruption, we
up of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu          continue to actively engage with them with
Limited and a network of member         a view to offer insightful support across
firms. Accordingly, this report covers  the depth and breadth of our organisation.
the period from 1 January 2016 to 31    We continue to assist them in reshaping
May 2017.                               their operating models and governance
                                        structures, and in identifying critical
                                        success factors that are necessary for them
                                        in their quest to enhance the value of their

                                        We continue to work tirelessly with our
                                        people to enable them to realise their
                                        vision and reach their potential. We
                                        provide them with all necessary support
                                        and encouragement in order to help them

                                        We seek to embrace diversity and reframe
                                        uniformity. We foster and encourage a
                                        culture of inclusion and unity, and yet strive
                                        for homogeneity in the adoption of the
                                        high ethical standards that we endeavour
                                        to adopt.

                                        We remain committed to play an active
                                        role within our communities, by seeking
                                        to identify and support the drivers of
                                        cultural, environmental, and economic

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