Page 5 - Deloitte Malta Impact & Transparency Report 2016 - 2017
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The Deloitte Malta Impact and Transparency Report 2016 - 2017 | Executive message

                             Deloitte professionals remain                The pages that follow present more
                             committed to the success of our clients      information about our firm and its
                             Our auditors recognise and understand the    achievements. I invite you to read on
                             importance of public trust and shareholder   further to learn more about us, and if you
                             interests. We carry out duties with the      have comments about any aspect of this
                             utmost diligence, mindful of the reliance    report please reach out to me by sending
                             placed on our work. Our commitment to        an email at
                             continually raise the standards of quality
                             drives our business.                         Your views are important to us.

“As our clients continue to  We are careful on how we share and deliver
navigate the challenges      our knowledge on matters of taxation.
that present themselves in   We are mindful of public opinion and the
this time of unprecedented   importance of transparency. We seek to
disruption, we continue      give our clients confidence in a rapidly
to actively engage with      changing environment.
them with a view to offer
insightful support across    Our consulting and advisory practices
the depth and breadth, of    continue to provide our clients with
our organisation.“           strategic vision and hands-on expertise in
                             driving and accelerating end-to-end digital
                             transformations by providing innovative
                             thought leadership around digital strategy
                             and business-IT collaboration. We help our
                             clients embrace disruption, working with
                             them to architect their future, and leading
                             them through the turbulence of change to
                             achieve their visions.

                                                                          Malcolm Booker
                                                                          Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
                                                                          Deloitte Malta
                                                                          September 2017

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