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The Deloitte Malta Impact and Transparency Report 2016 - 2017 | Stories about impact

1.1	 An impact that matters
     for our Clients

The firm focuses on clients. We take great    the auspices of the Ministry for Finance
pride in our ability to provide quality       to advise the Government of Malta on
services—whether our client is an owner       fiscal policy matters. In addition, our top
managed business, a large multinational       people are actively involved in a task force
corporation or a governmental entity.         commissioned by the Government of
                                              Malta for the monitoring of developments
Deloitte continues to lead on the issues      globally in the field of international taxation
that matter, showing strength and             as primarily driven by the work of the OECD
decisiveness, and guiding clients through     in this area. During 2016, Deloitte Malta’s
unprecedented levels of uncertainty.          practice was also engaged to advise the
By responding to the needs of society,        Malta Gaming Authority on tax matters in
providing trust, supporting inclusive         view of the significant developments which
growth, and building the skills of our young  have occurred in the regulatory landscape
people—we are certain we can make a           with Gaming regulators, in a number of key
difference. Over the year, we’ve contributed  European markets, shifting to taxation at
to policy debates at the highest levels,      the place of consumption.
responding to various policy consultations,
sharing our insight on leading issues.        The Malta firm continues to actively
                                              support and visibly participate in a number
The public sector plays a leading role        of key groups and professional bodies
in fostering inclusive local economies,       in Malta at a senior level. Our people
and we are proud to support this crucial      occupy leadership roles and are active
agenda. We continue to work with              contributors to the work of the Institute
Government across various sectors             of Financial Services Practitioners, the
and industries including iGaming,             Malta Institute of Accountants, and the
financial services, technology, media         Malta Institute of Taxation. Our people
and telecommunications, tourism, and          are also actively present in the education
education. We are actively involved in        of the next generation of talent and
high level policy affecting Government’s      hold lecturing posts at universities, both
contribution to economic momentum.            local and foreign and within professional
                                              accreditation programmes such as those
At a national policy level, two of the        organised by the Malta Institute of Taxation
firm’s directors are active participants      and the Association of Chartered Certified
in a consultative group set up under          Accountants (ACCA).

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